Family’s beautiful 32-foot tiny home has a chef’s kitchen and gorgeous atrium bathroom

Living in a tiny house was a journey of empowerment for the couple D’Arcy and Olivia. It gave them the pride of owning a space they could call their own after years of renting.

It became an affordable and practical choice that enabled them to invest more resources into growing their businesses and securing a future for their son.

It’s a life changer for their family rather than pouring it all into rent or a mortgage.


For this couple, their love for their tiny home is evident. The attention to detail and the sense of comfort it brings them resonate deeply. D’Arcy, who also happens to be the owner of Acorn Tiny Homes, saw this project as an opportunity to challenge himself and create a unique style of tiny house.

Living big inside a small house

Their 32-foot tiny house features thoughtfully designed extensions and a chef-style kitchen. It was carefully constructed with ergonomic layouts and an earthy, woodsy ambiance.

Every element, from the waterfall butcher block countertop to the propane range, was chosen with functionality and efficiency in mind.

Storage solutions were ingeniously integrated into the design. This includes transforming a corner cabinet into a chest freezer and incorporating in-drawer dishwashers to streamline chores.

Their tiny abode was crafted to accommodate various aspects of their lives. From a dedicated office space to a comfortable sleeping loft, every inch was maximized.

The intentional design choices, like a lightweight aluminum ladder that doubled as access to storage and the water supply, showcased their thoughtful approach to space utilization.


Everything is possible, even living inside a tiny house


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