15 Onion Skin Uses You Wish You Knew Before

Most of us peel an onion and throw away the skins without a second thought. After all, they’re just the tough, outer layer that we’ve been taught is good for nothing but the compost heap, right? Wrong. Those papery skins have a myriad of uses that are both practical and beneficial for health, home, and garden. Let’s delve into 15 of these unexpected uses.


1. Natural Dye:
The brown outer layers of an onion can serve as a natural dye. Boil the skins in water for 30 minutes and use the liquid to dye fabric or Easter eggs.

2. Rich Broth:
Add onion skins to your soup or broth. They impart a golden color and additional nutrients.

3. Compost Boost:
While it’s common knowledge that onion skins can be composted, what’s less known is that they add potassium and other vital nutrients to the mix.

4. Antioxidant Tea:
Yes, you read that right. Boil onion skins for a few minutes and drink the water once it’s cooled. It’s rich in quercetin, a powerful antioxidant.

5. Relieve Muscle Cramps:
Due to their rich mineral content, onion skins can help alleviate muscle cramps. Make a bath soak by boiling skins in water and adding the strained water to your bath.


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