Man builds a ‘bunker villa’ on a budget for disaster preparedness and as a potential guest house

People build bunker houses for various reasons, often driven by practical, security, and personal considerations.

One man decided to build a bunker by burying a Quonset Hut, showing a unique approach to shelter and protection.

Fifteen years ago, David couldn’t understand why his friends built underground shelters or bunkers.

David, the owner of Quonset hut bunker

It wasn’t until an ice storm knocked out his power, leaving him without electricity for weeks, that he understood the necessity and practicality of such preparations, according to Fair Companies.

This pushed David to build his own bunker. However, what he built was not an ordinary bunker.

He created a versatile space with the potential to serve as a guest house.

Knowing the costs of building bunkers, David chose a distinctive and cost-effective design.

Instead of the traditional monolithic port, he chooses Quonset Hut – an arched metal structure known for its affordability, simplicity, and ease of construction.

David's bunker under construction showing the Quonset hut with two men working on the top of the structure.

The Quonset Hut was built on a concrete floor, providing a quick and cheap alternative to regular underground building methods.

The insulation was enhanced by applying spray foam, creating a solid four-inch-thick layer for optimal temperature control.

A shotcrete application with Helix Steel reinforcement was used in the construction process to boost durability.

Foam is being sprayed on the hut

David highlighted the practicality and cost-effectiveness of the Quonset Hut approach, citing a relatively modest expenditure of approximately $8,000 for the entire structure.

Meanwhile, a traditional concrete-based structure of the same size may cost around $150,000.

The design offers resilience against various weather conditions, making it a secure escape in emergencies due to its curved shape and reinforced exterior.


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