Make Beautiful Wood Planter Boxes ( $10 Easy DIY )

Our easy DIY wood planter box plans.

Wood planter boxes look so beautiful in a garden, and on a patio or deck.

Our current outdoor patios can really use lots of big planter pots outside, but they can add up to thousands of dollars so quickly! So I designed these planter boxes with 2 goals in mind:

  • beautiful and cost effective, so we can have lots of them
  • large, but lightweight, portable, and long lasting ( a design secret that gives you the best of all worlds! )

Make Beautiful Wood Planter Boxes ( $10 Easy DIY )

In this tutorial, I will share :

Here’s a video to see these planter boxes in action!

These planter boxes are around  21″ cube in size, which is perfect for an entry, patio or porch. We also have detailed guides on how to build raised bed garden planters here-

Detailed guide on how to build raised bed gardens! Lots of tips and ideas on best designs, soil, and materials for productive & beautiful DIY raised beds! | A Piece of Rainbow

How to build raised bed garden planters

The design secret that makes these large planter boxes light weight, portable, and long lasting.

Have you seen those black 15 gallon plastic planter pots from the nursery that your plants come in? These pots are super practical, durable, yet not so great looking.

We will fill these plastic pots with soil, plant them, and place them inside our wood planter boxes. 

This way, our wood planters can be built out of light weight materials such as plywood, or 1″ thick lumber. Add paint or sealer to make them water resistant. Because these wood planter boxes are not in constant contact with moist soil, they will last for a very long time!

How to build the planter boxes step by step.



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