14-Year-Old Girl Spend 200$ To Buy An Old Caravan, But Wait Till You See What She Made Of It

The 14-year-old Williamstown, West Virginia, resident spent her summer break transforming a 1974 Wilderness camper into what she refers to as a “Glamper.”The terms “camping” and “glamorous” are combined to get the word “glamper”.She claims that the updated Wilderness glamper will make camping a lot more enjoyable and less cumbersome.

Just wait until you see her beautifully remodeled Wilderness camper to see what an ambitious high school student she is.

She saved up about $500, according to the child’s mother Lori, through housework, birthday money, and other activities to purchase and renovate the camper.

Here is a picture of the camper as it was before any alterations.

Yeater claimed to have seen her camper for sale for $200 on a community bulletin board.

She used the money left over after purchasing the camper to pay for paint, flooring, textiles, and other accessories for her glamper.


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