Woman gathers materials to build tiny house to her own design and it came out beautiful

Embarking on a journey of self-reliance and creativity, Carol transformed her dream into reality by building her own tiny house, “The Dragon’s Nest.”

Tucked into a serene forested area on Vancouver Island, this 320-square-foot abode is a testament to Carol’s determination and skill.

In 2019, faced with the challenge of building it alone, Carol embraced the task.

She ensured she accounted for every nail, screw, and drop of glue that went into her creation.

This intimate knowledge allows her to maintain and repair it with confidence.


The Dragon’s Nest reflects Carol’s artistic soul and her love for the 1800s Roma vardo wagon style.

Adorned with antiques and vibrant colors, it’s a space that resonates with her spirit.

This personalized approach to living space contrasts with her previous residences, which ranged from 4,800 to 1,100 square feet.

The decision to downsize was driven by a desire for simplicity.

The journey began in 2016, with Carol meticulously gathering reclaimed items and garage sale finds, slowly bringing her vision to life on paper.

The construction of The Dragon’s Nest was a lesson in resourcefulness and patience.

Starting with a commercial earth-moving machinery hauler as the base, Carol framed her tiny house in 2018.

However, the onset of unforeseen events meant she had to undertake the building process alone, except for installing a couple of windows.

Her commitment to building a safe and correct home led her to pay for new materials like plumbing, electrical wiring, and propane appliances out of pocket.


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