Woman builds brother with autism his own cottage in the backyard so he can live independently

Autism is a spectrum, and every individual’s experience with it is unique.

While some might not even realize they’re on the spectrum, others face daily challenges, often compounded by societal misunderstandings and stigmas.

Common struggles include maintaining eye contact, preferring solitude, or navigating conversations.

Enter the story of Chris, a 33-year-old diagnosed with autism.

Living in New York, he often expressed his unhappiness with his living conditions.

His sister, Tiffany, resided in Hawaii, and the vast distance meant they hadn’t shared a home for 15 years.

But distance didn’t weaken their bond. Tiffany was acutely aware of the nuances of Chris’s condition.

She understood that those with higher-functioning autism often have unique ways of coping with stress and boredom, which might seem unconventional to neurotypical individuals.

Recognizing Chris’s need for a better living environment, Tiffany embarked on a heartwarming and ambitious project.

She envisioned a cottage for Chris, right in her backyard in Maui.

This wouldn’t be a mere makeshift structure; Tiffany aimed for a beautifully designed, fully functional home tailored to Chris’s needs.

The resulting cottage, constructed at a cost of $15,000, was a testament to Tiffany’s love and dedication.


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