Inventor husband designs rotating house after hearing wife say she wants “different view”

Imagine a house that rotates, allowing its inhabitants to follow the sun’s path and change their view at will.

There are several rotating buildings globally, each constructed for various reasons, from architectural dreams to maximizing solar power.

But one such house near San Diego, California, stands out.

Unlike others, this one is up for sale, and the real estate agent offered a unique opportunity to explore its intricacies.

The primary question that arises when thinking about a rotating house is the logistics.

How does the plumbing function? How do the electrical connections remain intact?

And perhaps more intriguingly, if this is someone’s dream house, why is it on the market?

The story of this house begins with a couple’s decision to build their home.

On a whim, they decided on a roundhouse to maximize the view.

But the idea evolved, and the thought of a rotating house emerged.

The wife agreed, and the challenge was set- Al Johnstone had to figure out how to construct a house where every room could enjoy every view.

Operating the rotation is a surreal experience.

With the push of a button, the entire world seems to revolve around you. The house, which began construction in 2000, took two years to form a structure.

The challenges were numerous, from workers accustomed to building square structures to skeptical county officials.

But with determination, the house was built, stronger and more unique than anyone could have imagined.


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