After an earthquake destroys home, woman builds tiny plant-filled oasis in the tropical rainforest

Meet Vicki, a woman who turned a catastrophe into an opportunity for a fresh start.

After an earthquake devastated her home in Christchurch, New Zealand, she packed what was left of her belongings and headed to Australia.

There, she found a job and stayed with a friend while she saved up to rebuild her life.

As she began rebuilding, Vicki realized she didn’t need a large house.

Instead, she decided to create a tiny, custom-built container home that was just the right size for her and fit within her budget.

Vicki found the perfect spot for her new home on a lot opened by a generous couple for people with mobile homes.

The location was a bonus, offering a stunning view and a spacious field where she learned to grow her own food.

Inside, Vicki’s home is a soothing oasis of green.

The interior design, a harmonious blend of green, copper, and timber, complements the lush view outside.

The wallpaper, sourced from an artist in the Netherlands, adds a unique touch to the decor.

The living area, though simple, exudes elegance.

A comfortable couch, which doubles as a guest bed, faces the door, allowing Vicki to enjoy the view from the comfort of her living room.


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