Light and Easy Broccoli Salad

This light and easy broccoli salad recipe is just like the one you may remember, only healthier. Salads are awesome, they are the perfect combination of foods all mixed into one bowl to bring you a healthy meal or side dish. The best healthy salads have lots of different healthy ingredients and are rich with flavour and colour. Usually a salad will start with a base vegetable or leafy green like romaine lettuce or some delicious kale or chard. Or they can also be made with larger bits of vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower.

There are even salads that include grains like rice or quinoa in them to make them into more of a meal. Some salads even have fruit in them for another level of flavour or nuts for some good healthy fats. Of all the salad recipes there are out there today it is pretty easy to find a new recipe to try out every day of the week if you wanted to and some of the best healthy salads and salad recipes can be found right here online.

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