Sweet Potato Pie

Reviews :
-Wonderful!! I skipped the glaze; my sweet tooth is pretty easily satisfied, I was afraid it would be too sweet for me with the glaze. This pie is incredible. Used the first recipe for the sweet potatoes, I can’t understand why anyone would alter the recipe or give it less than 5 stars.

-I have an almost exact recipe for sweet potato pie given to me by a southern friend of mine.She use buttermilk instead of evaporated.Has any one tried this?How is the taste different?She said if you want it creamy,to put the potatoes in a food processor.Please advice before I attempt this.

-This is a good recipe – I make sweet potato pies all the time. The only thing I would add is to the strain the potatoes first. I don’t like lumps or strings in my pie and by straining my potatoes first I get a very smooth pulp and pie. I also add a little cinnamon and nutmeg to my recipe.

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