How To Bleach Yellow Clothes Without Bleach

  • It’s normal for your clothes to turn yellow as they age. But it’s always possible to revive your old white t-shirt. Discover valuable tips to recover your clothes and leave them impeccable. These methods are simple and will not take much time. You have reasons to rejoice since it’s possible to recover your discolored or yellowed clothes due to use. Fans of the DIY system know that these techniques will allow you to make them as white as snow!

There are natural methods to preserve your clothes for a long time Even if you take great care not to damage your clothes by knowing the correct washing procedures, they can become yellow and impossible to use. Good news: you won’t have to throw them away, as there are ways to restore your clothes to their original color. The ingredients you will need to save them are within reach in the kitchen! You will save costly laundry expenses with these effective tips with these natural household products to restore your clothes to their former glory.

  • White vinegar If the washing machine is no longer sufficient to restore the whiteness of your clothes, this method is formidable. And this also applies to your towels and sheets. To get rid of this stubborn and unsightly discoloration, have you thought about white vinegar? If stains affect parts of the fabric, just rub them with this acidic and devilishly effective solution for the home. Then let it rest for up to two hours and proceed with a normal wash.
  • Lemon Known for its whitening properties, lemon is a citrus fruit of choice for your clothes. For this DIY System preparation, you will need 2 grams of salt and the juice of 2 lemons. You can also replace the salt with baking soda, also known for its ability to whiten fabrics. Mix all these ingredients in warm water that you put in a sink for an express hand wash. Magic, right? Lemon is a natural household product. You would do wrong to deprive yourself of it!”

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