Sweet and lightly spiced Cinnamon Apple Bread is pure homemade comfort in loaf form. Topped with a sweet vanilla frosting!

Do you have any apple dessert lovers in your life?

I think I’m that person to my friends and family. Yes, I love just about all desserts and sweet things (I have a whole blog about them, after all) but I have soft spot in my heart for treats involving apples.

From Apple Doughnuts to Apple Cake, I love it all. Add a little cinnamon in the mix and you’ll win me over for sure.

Apple cinnamon baked goods might make you think of falling leaves and crisp autumn temperatures but, in my opinion, apple desserts are appropriate any time of year.

These two ingredients were simply made for each other, and there’s no better way to enjoy them than slicing into a loaf of Apple Cinnamon Bread.

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