He made a house of only 89 squares, but wait until you see the inside

Luke Thiull, 13 years old was not your typical teenager for his age, most kids have other things on their minds besides building houses, but Luke from Iowa is not like any other school going child you have seen before!

This Talented kid proactively crafted his own little heaven in his own house, situate in his parents back yard; The little project cost him around $1,500 USD but is his dream little house, come and have a look!

Facebook/Luke Thill

It is incredible that this bold teenager is doing what he is doing, especially in a time, for youngsters, of smart phones, ipads and revolutionary gaming computers and systems. He decided to bust himself in a more ‘traditional’ way.

He explains it all on his youtube channel about his desire to build himself a small house and how in respects to his boredom that spurred him on to do it.

After a lot of thought and much consideration and quite a bit of research Luke had a pretty good idea how his plan he visualised would come to fruition!

Facebook/Luke Thill

It took him in total about a year to get the money and materials all together to do the work on the house, he mowed lawns, did fund raisers online and did jobs for anyone he could and generally did anything he could to raise money.

Luke was friends with someone who knew electrics and he helped him install all the electrics in exchange for Luke clearing out all his garage for him, trade for trade so to speak.


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