He paid $2 at a flea market for an old photograph

The man who stumbled onto a stunning image of Billy the Kid playing croquet advises him to look around.

“I hope this inspires others to delve into trunks and attics in search of lost gems,” Randy Guijarro said to the Guardian on Monday.

A 45-inch-long picture of Billy the Kid playing croquet from 1878.

Once only worth $2, a photograph of Billy the Kid playing croquet that was discovered at a thrift shop has now sold for millions of dollars.

In 2010, Guijarro spent $2 on three four-by-five-inch tintypes from a Fresno, California, antique store. Valued at many million dollars today.

The telecommunications expert and his wife Linda have stated that they plan to use some of the money from their unexpected discoveries to finance more exploratory efforts.

We might gain by getting a new car.

We want to investigate forgotten historical occurrences both domestically and abroad.

We enjoy exploring the world together. The chase is an amazing spectacle.


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