8 Effective Home Hacks For Cleaning A Dirty Mattress

Cleaning a mattress is not a luxury but a necessity, especially as it ages and becomes stained or infested with dust mites. Therefore, it’s essential to clean, deodorize, and also disinfect it. And for this, there’s nothing better than natural cleaners and disinfectants to tackle this tough task.

Over time, a mattress loses its luster. Stains, mold, urine, bacteria… A mattress can quickly become dirty and emit bad odors. Eco-friendly and economical grandmother’s tips can remedy these various problems and leave your mattress as good as new.

Soda Crystals: A powerful ingredient that acts as a disinfectant, capable of dissolving the most stubborn stains like urine or blood. Our grandmothers understood its degreasing power, making this cleaning product a multi-purpose cleaner for many household surfaces. In fact, it’s used to make homemade detergents, clean oven racks, and bathroom sinks.

For this, you’ll need:

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