Why Eat 4 Cloves of Garlic a Day?

Garlic, known for its myriad health benefits and extensive use in culinary traditions, has been a subject of research for its medicinal properties for centuries. While numerous studies have explored the effects of garlic in various forms, such as dehydrated, extract, oil, or tincture, our focus here is specifically on fresh garlic, either raw or cooked, as commonly used in food preparations.

A fascinating study by Scotland’s University of Stirling sheds light on an unexpected aspect of garlic consumption. The research suggests that men who consume garlic are perceived as more attractive by women. The intriguing findings stem from the subtle changes in body odor due to garlic consumption.

The study involved male volunteers divided into three groups: one group consumed raw garlic, another took garlic capsules, and the third group did not consume any garlic. Post-exercise, the participants were asked to collect their sweat on a towel, which was then assessed by a panel of women for attractiveness, masculinity, and overall appeal.


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