25 Herbs, Vegetables & Plants You Can Grow In Water: A Guide to Hydroponic Gardening at Home

Gardening doesn’t always require soil. Hydroponics, the practice of growing plants in water, has gained popularity due to its space efficiency and the joy of cultivating plants in unconventional ways. Here’s a list of 25 herbs, vegetables, and plants that you can grow in water, making your home a green and bountiful oasis.


  • Basil: Propagate basil by placing cuttings in water. Ensure the cuttings are about four inches long and change the water regularly.
  • Mint: This hardy herb can be grown in water from cuttings. Just place them in a container with water and watch them thrive.
  • Oregano: Similar to basil, oregano can be propagated from cuttings. Place the stems in water and wait for the roots to grow.
  • Sage: Take cuttings in the spring and place them in water. Sage enjoys plenty of light and air circulation.
  • Stevia: Known for its sweet leaves, stevia can be propagated in water. It requires strong, indirect light.
  • Thyme: Start with a cutting from an existing plant, and place it in water. Thyme needs plenty of light to develop roots.
  • Lemongrass: Place the root end in water and it will grow new shoots. Lemongrass prefers a warm environment.
  • Cilantro: Place the stems in a glass of water and leave them in a bright area. Change the water every few days.
basil mint oregano sage stevia thyme lemongrass cilantro


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