4 tips for your red anthurium to easily fill with flowers

Do you have a red anthurium, but it hasn’t given you flowers? We assure you that you are not the only one, because although it is a great option for decorating the house for its   impressive red flowers , many times the necessary care is not taken to make them bloom. Therefore, here we will tell you how you can make your red anthurium full of flowers with these four tips.

The red anthurium or  Anthurium andreanum  is an indoor plant, which makes it an excellent choice for decorating the home thanks to its  attractive, resistant and unique flowers,  in addition to its heart-shaped leaves which give them an elegant tone.

These plants are tropical and    come from Central and South America , so they need warm and humid conditions, but this does not mean that it should be in a place where direct light gives, because this will only burn its leaves. What you should do is put it in a place near a window that faces north or, where it gives filtered light.

1. Your red anthurium needs regular watering

Being a plant that loves humidity, it needs its watering to  be regular , but without becoming excessive, because you can rot its roots. It is best to check the top layer of soil to see whether it is already dry or not.

Humidity is key to making anthuriums thrive, however, you can’t take the easy routes like placing it near a humidifier or in a tray of pebbles. It is advisable to  mist the leaves  from time to time to give moisture to their leaves.


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