How to properly clean an oven and how often?

How often should you clean your oven?

Paul Bristow, executive director of integrated cooking at GE Appliances, recommends deep cleaning your oven at least every three to six months, or more if it’s really necessary.  And, if you notice recurring stains, don’t leave them hanging around. Do superficial cleaning throughout the month to prevent bacteria buildup. Tell yourself that the more you maintain your oven, the less restrictive the cleaning process will be. And, in addition to making the chore more bearable, a relatively clean oven preserves the flavor of the food…minus the germs!

How to clean the inside of the oven?

Don’t even know where to start? Do you grimace and sigh at all this filth? Rest assured, we completely understand your distress. It may seem overwhelming at first, but you’ll see, the satisfaction of having a spotless oven is priceless. It’s the promise of healthier and tastier meals, so it’s definitely worth it! And contrary to popular belief, cleaning an oven thoroughly is not as rocket science as you think. From the push of a button to fat-melting concoctions, here’s everything there is to know.

  • Use the self-cleaning function

Today, many modern ovens are equipped with a self-cleaning function. “  The self-cleaning cycle is a convenient, time-saving feature. During this cycle, the oven is heated to approximately 470°C. At this temperature, the food inside the oven is incinerated, leaving behind a small amount of ash. And the remaining ashes are easily wiped off with a damp cloth. “, says Paul Bristow. He says this feature is, by far, the easiest way to clean an oven. Especially if you don’t want to bother using chemical cleaners or even your grandmother’s good tricks.

However, there is a major drawback to take into account: your oven locks for three to five hours and releases significant heat, which is frankly not pleasant, especially during heatwaves. Not to mention the strong smell that comes from it. You should therefore stay away from the kitchen during this time, while preventing children and pets from approaching it during the process. The expert provides even more advice: “  No commercial cleaners or oven coatings should be used  on this type of  self-cleaning appliance, as this may damage its enamel coating. In addition, depending on the model of your oven, the pans and racks must be removed (…). Finally, whether you use the self-clean cycles, steam clean or even if you do it manually, always make sure the appliance has completely cooled to room temperature before considering wiping down the interior of the oven . » Additionally, Bristow suggests using the self-cleaning feature several times to effectively remove all stubborn grease and stains. It might even take a little elbow grease to eradicate the residue.

  • Use a special oven cleaner




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