Do you know what happens if you boil a dishwasher tablet in a pan?

A dishwasher tablet can be more useful than you think. Find out how you can take advantage of it. 

dishwasher tablet in a saucepan

The power of  dishwasher tablets  goes far beyond their  traditional use  . If you’ve ever faced the persistent problem of  bad odors  wafting through  your kitchen  , you may be  surprised  to discover that a simple  dishwasher tablet  can be an  effective solution  . Let’s see how.


When it comes to  removing food odors  from the kitchen, many people use  chemical sprays and air fresheners  , but these products  often do not have a long-lasting effect  in eliminating  unpleasant odors.  The  good news  is that you can  solve  this problem easily, with a  pan of water  and a  dishwasher tablet.

Dishwasher tablet

How to do? The  first step  to removing food odors from the kitchen is to fill a  pot  with water. Make sure you use a  pot large enough  to comfortably hold the tablet without risking water  spilling out  . At this point, simply add a  dishwasher tablet  to the water and bring it to a  boil  .

Let the tablet  dissolve completely  in the boiling water and boil  for a few minutes  . During this process, the tablet will release a combination of  detergents and bleaching agents  that will help  eliminate bad odors  that carry around the kitchen. The effect is particularly  effective  if the odors are due to  food residue encrusted  on plates or pans.

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