Dish soap in the toilet, a life-changing move – you’ll do it every day

Dish soap is not only useful for washing dishes, after lunch, after dinner or after breakfast, it can be used in a thousand other ways that no one knows about.

Above all, it is able to solve a problem that sometimes creates inconvenience , namely that of a clogged toilet. When you have a clogged toilet, you don’t really know what to do, especially when you have guests in the house. Yet whether due to an error or a problem with the pipes, the problem can occur at any time so you must always be prepared and know how best to react.

Usually we think of asking for help from a professional , therefore calling a plumber and having him intervene at any time, whether day or night, week or weekend. Calling the professional already means spending quite a bit of money. Doing it on the weekend or at inappropriate times is really crazy.

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