3 easy tips to unblock toilets naturally

3 easy tips to unblock toilets naturally

Hair, tampons, wipes: all these things end up clogging the toilet. How to remove the cork without chemicals? Check out these effective tips.

Toilets are not made to swallow anything and everything. In reality, contrary to what one might believe, apart from natural waste and paper, absolutely nothing should be thrown away. If we tend to believe that when we throw our tampons or cotton swabs into the toilet bowl they disappear, in reality they accumulate and end up blocking the pipes. To unclog your toilet without having to call a plumber or pour out a can of caustic soda: here are 3 effective and natural solutions.

The Hot Water Method

When you have a small blockage in the pipes, the hot water method works quite well. To make it, pour a large quantity of hot water into the bowl. Be careful, it must not be boiling. Pour it quickly to release the clog using pressure. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary. Choose a bucket of water with a handle or a pot with handles on each side to simplify the task and limit splashing in the room and on yourself.


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