Why do we always have to put vinegar in the washing machine?

Why do we always have to put vinegar in the washing machine?

With time and use, white linen loses its shine and whiteness and turns yellow. Our clothes therefore lose their new appearance. Repeated trips to the washing machine or chemical products do not always result in white, soft and clean laundry. To do this, you must turn to natural and ecological products such as white vinegar. Find out why you need to pour white vinegar into your washing machine.

White vinegar is a natural ally for cleaning. Besides maintaining the house, he also helps maintain the laundry. Pour a little white vinegar into your washing machine and see the benefits it can bring to your laundry.

The benefits of white vinegar in laundry

  1. a natural softener

To make your clothes softer, especially your towels, you can use white vinegar. Thanks to its anti-limescale action, vinegar dissolves the limescale contained in the water to prevent it from being deposited on the laundry and making it rough.

To do this, simply pour 250 ml of white vinegar into the dishwasher. Not only does white vinegar make your clothes softer, it also prevents lint.

If you want your laundry to be softer and smell nice, you can make your own homemade fabric softener.

For this you need:

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