Here’s how to clean dirty bed pillows to leave them white and smelling sweet

As we snuggle into our pillows every night, over time, they tend to become yellowed and stained. Even with the protective shield of pillowcases, they’re constantly in contact with sweat, oils, dust, and dead skin. Particularly for those with allergies, maintaining clean pillows is crucial for a comfortable night’s rest. This guide will provide insights on maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of your bed pillows, ensuring a healthier sleeping environment.
Types of Pillows and their Significance
Just like mattresses, duvet covers, sheets, and quilts, your choice of pillow—be it soft, firm, feather-filled, polyester fiber, or latex—plays a pivotal role in your sleep comfort. Beyond the tactile comfort, the hygiene of the pillow is paramount. Despite the protection from pillowcases, the constant exposure to perspiration can lead to unsightly yellow stains and accumulation of dirt.
Pillow Cleaning Frequency
The main culprit behind the yellowing of pillows is sweat or perspiration secreted during our nightly rests. This moisture provides the ideal environment for bacteria and dust mites. While some people may discard their pillows at the first sign of yellowing, others may falsely believe that pillowcases alone suffice in maintaining pillow hygiene. In reality, it’s best to wash your pillows at least every six months. On the other hand, quilts require cleaning just once a year. If you’re using a washing machine for your pillows, consider adding two tennis balls to the drum to ensure they retain their shape post-wash.
Tips for Cleaning and Whitening Pillows


For those looking for a trusted, time-tested remedy, here’s a grandmother’s solution to renew your pillows:


Baking soda


Lavender essential oil


Before anything else, check the label on your pillows to ensure they’re machine-washable.

Add your regular detergent into the machine’s detergent compartment.

Add half a cup of baking soda and a few drops of lavender essential oil directly into the drum.

Place two pillows inside and start a regular washing cycle.

Prolonging Pillow Life

Extending the life and brilliance of your pillows requires consistent care:

Daily Care: Make it a habit to remove the pillowcases every morning and air out your pillows. Exposing them to sunlight by keeping bedroom windows open not only refreshes them but also mitigates excess moisture, reducing the risk of mold formation in the bedding.

Steam Treatment: If your pillows appear lackluster over time, a steam cleaner can rejuvenate them.

Pre-wash Care: Before machine washing, soaking your pillows in a basin with lemon juice, white vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide can restore their original whiteness.

In conclusion, maintaining your pillows isn’t just about aesthetics. Clean pillows play an integral role in a healthy sleeping environment, ensuring that you wake up refreshed every day.

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