How To Clean Your Shower Doors With 2 Simple Ingredients


There is one area of our bathroom that always makes me cringe when I look at it. It’s our shower doors and tracks and the limescale and mineral deposits that had built up on them. Here is the blunt truth and no judging but I have never really cleaned around the shower frame or door tracks. How to clean shower door tracks? I really wasn’t sure.
Years of Neglect
So I’m pretty sure when we moved into our house years ago that there was already some buildup on the shower door frame and tracks. That combined with not knowing how to clean it or even if it could be cleaned and honestly, a little laziness, I just tried to ignore it. However, I finally realized that I needed to try to tackle it. Below you will find my process and results.
Starting Point
I tried to take some before, during and after pictures. I don’t feel like they fully capture the essence of the task at hand but I will give you one picture to start to give you an idea of what I was in store for

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