This simple blackberry cobbler in a cast iron skillet is the closest thing to an old-fashioned recipe while still being 100% healthy. Prepared with just 7 ingredients and whipped up in less than 10 minutes, you can make this delicious dessert in an hour.
This recipe is vegan, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, and can be made low-carb by replacing the maple syrup with appropriate amounts of stevia or another sugar-free sweetener.
It’s finally summer and berries are all the rage right now! to love. What is your favorite? I’d go with the bold guess that since you ended up here, you must have a thing for blackberries.
Well, I don’t know about you for sure…but I do. I love them so much I would eat them all day if it wasn’t for the fact that I would probably get a second mortgage, sell my car, or get three jobs.
But boy! Is it expensive (fresh). At least here in Canada…
Fortunately, recipes like this one can be made using frozen berries. You’ll hardly notice the difference, promise.
cheerful. Just pure happiness. I think that’s the best word to describe my two year old’s facial expressions at the first bite. You could see, even at such a young age, that she was enjoying the moment, quietly, just smiling.
Looking at her, I remember eating my grandmother’s wild strawberry pie when I was very young. I still vaguely remember the taste. If it were tasting heaven, this would probably be…

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