To Clean Your Glass Stovetop


Hobs deserve regular maintenance and more cleaning every week. Glass-ceramic, gas, induction, stainless steel, electric: let us guide you in cleaning your hob the right way.
Splashes of oil or melted butter, boiling water overflowing, tomato sauce splashing… Daily life on a hotplate is not easy! To ensure its proper functioning for a long time, it is essential to pamper it. First of all by maintaining it regularly: do not let stains become embedded, act immediately to make your life easier and to avoid any deterioration of your cooker. Wipe with a lightly soapy sponge every day or after a particularly hectic cooking session. Also bet on a more in-depth cleaning once a week or so, to be adapted according to the type of hob you have.
How to clean an induction or ceramic hob?
Since they tend to easily show the various traces of water or grease, you may want to clean your induction or ceramic hob a little more often. To do this, pass a sponge lightly soaked in white vinegar, rinse, then pass a dry cloth to make it shine.
For stubborn stains, use a squeegee and a cleaning product specially adapted for this type of hob, or a little baking soda with a sponge, before rinsing and polishing. Above all, do not be tempted by the tip of a knife or an unsuitable abrasive product which could damage the surface.

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