11 Home and Garden Uses for Eggshells

What if we stop throwing eggshells in the trash ? This could really be useful for us to facilitate household chores, but also to take care of our green spaces.

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You will save a considerable amount of time in the maintenance of your home. An economic trick, simple and with many uses.

1- A natural stain remover

Thanks to its abrasive texture, it fights against these inconveniences embedded in the fabric. To do this, simply spray it on the affected area and add a layer of warm water. Pass a rag and voila.

2- An original decoration

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With a little creativity, you can turn these small minerals into real jewels for your decoration. Take large pieces of shell and express your artistic side.

3- A natural fertilizer

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Sprinkle these nutrient – rich minerals into a hole in the ground. Then place the plants you want to grow there. Eggshells are completely biodegradable and contain organic matter such as phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium.

4- Say goodbye to slugs and snails!

It has the power to protect against slugs and snails that invade our plants.

5- Eco-clean your pots and pans

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Once the shells are crushed, you must add them to the soapy water. This will make the product more powerful in removing grease stains.



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