Most beautiful colorful trees for small garden

Trees provide structure, screens and shade, as well as color that continues throughout the seasons, creating a sense of enclosure, and their height draws the eye up and out, helping to connect the land and sky – no reason if chosen well Do this. A chic outdoor space should stop you from introducing them.

Your tree needs a place in a small garden, so find a tree that will be of interest year-round: a tree that blooms for a week in spring but looks ordinary the rest of the year really isn’t enough.

In very tight spaces, trimmed and trained plants are best, either in the ground or in containers, while carefully sculpted trims can also create a focal point.

1. Amelanchier

Amelanchiers have featured heavily in garden shows in the past couple of years, as designers have displayed their value as choice trees for confined spaces.

Amelanchier lamarckii (10m x 12m), the snowy Mespilus, is often grown as a multi-stemmed showstopper but can also be trained as a light standard. In spring, starry white flowers cover its branches, while its bronze foliage spreads, while small leaves often turn fiery reds and yellows in fall.

They do best in acidic soil, so plant them in heather compost. These tall, slender, bush-like trees make for an excellent screen of subtlety.


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