15 Climbing Plants for Pergolas

Check out these climbers on a pergola in the garden. These plants and trees are also easy to grow in small gardens.

There are many climbing plants that, by pruning and tying, can be grown in pergolas to provide welcome shade in warmer weather.

To help you out, we’ve listed the best pergola plants for you. This is a combination of strains suitable for both tropical and temperate climates.


Roses are classic. They are the favorite plants of most gardeners because they convey a sense of specialness, exuding calm, nostalgia, romance and happiness. Climbing plants are great for covering pergolas and arches.


Certainly one of the best pergola plants. Clematis is a spectacular vine because of its prolific flowering, which usually begins in spring. You can easily grow it and combine it with other plants, especially climbing roses, for a more elaborate look.


The scent of honeysuckle is nostalgic, stronger at dusk. There are more than 180 different species, almost all of which are creepers. This is a very large vine that grows very quickly. A single honeysuckle can easily cover a large, sturdy pergola.

Passiflora (passiflora)

Passionflower is a beautiful, fast-growing, hardy perennial native to the tropics. Its intoxicating fragrance, colorful flowers, and edible fruit make it one of the most desirable climbers in the garden. You can also grow it on balconies, rooftops or patio gardens. Growing passionflower is easy if you live in a subtropical or tropical climate. If you live in a temperate zone, look for hardy varieties. It grows as an annual in very cool climates.


Jasmine is undoubtedly the most intense flower. You can smell its fragrance from a distance. So if you like aromatic plants, grow them. Jasmine blooms year-round in warm, humid climates. In cooler regions, it grows as an annual.



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