Beautiful ‘Rose Succulents’ Look Like They Came from a Fairy Tale

In recent years, succulents have grown from simple houseplants to stylish home decorations. In addition to their easy-care properties and attractive emerald-like color, water storage plants are also favored by plant lovers for their variety of shapes. The succulents we’ve seen in the past look like burrowing rabbits and leaping dolphins. Now we’ve found some delicate looks that magically mimic a freshly bloomed rose!

Originally known as Greenovia dodrentalis, this “succulent rose” has round petals layered in a symmetrical pattern reminiscent of a blooming flower. They usually grow in clumps, reaching only 15 cm in height when mature. However, don’t let their small stature fool you. The rose-shaped succulent is a hearty and delightful little plant that blooms frequently and enjoys a sunny climate that rivals its native Canary Islands.

Although it looks more like a flower than a succulent, Greenovia dodrentalis is just an ordinary succulent. Its petals are a beautiful green color and have the characteristic thin spines of desert plants. Plus, unlike roses, they require very little water and thrive indoors, making them the perfect plant for flower lovers with limited garden space!

Check out the pictures of gorgeous rose succulents below.

Greenovia dodrentalis




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