7 Methods to Promote Bougainvillea Blooms

To increase bougainvillea flower numbers and stimulate flowering, place bougainvilleas in full sun, but make sure they get fewer than 12 hours of daylight as they are short-day plants. Watering potted bougainvillea once a week creates an optimal balance between water and drought stress, which promotes more flowering.

Native to Brazil, bougainvillea is native to Brazil and fewer hours of sunlight will stimulate flowering because the days are shorter, suggesting that bougainvillea is now the perfect time to bloom, matching the appropriate environmental conditions for that time of year.

Shorter days are one of the most influential factors in increasing bougainvillea flowering. Read on to learn 7 ways to increase your bloom count and prolong your bloom display.

1. Bougainvilleas bloom more when day length is shorter

Bougainvillea is something different! Although they need full sun, they bloom more frequently when the days are shorter.

This particular characteristic is the result of adaptation to tropical environments, where the days are shorter than the nights during the dry season, suggesting that bougainvillea is now the best time of year to bloom.

Therefore, it is appropriate to reproduce these conditions. Bougainvillea likes at least 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness to flower.

Therefore, finding the best location to plant bougainvillea can be a challenge for those living in northern latitudes.

For example, in the UK there can be up to 15 hours of sunshine per day, while in New York the maximum is 16 hours.

Make sure there are no artificial lights to disturb the preferred 12 hours of darkness at night.

If you’re particularly keen (like me), you can use bells, garden fleece, or even an umbrella to shade your bougainvillea to recreate its natural conditions for flowering.

It’s important to note that bougainvilleas still need full direct sun to bloom, but daylight hours should be limited to no more than 12 hours.

Fortunately, if your climate has mild winters, for example, bougainvilleas can bloom year-round. B. For those who live in a Mediterranean climate, but regardless of location, they bloom more in 12 hours or more of darkness.

2. Water Less Often to have More Flowers


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