How to make a Christmas cactus bloom

Whether you’re trying to get your Christmas cactus to bloom in time for the holidays, or you’re just wondering how to get your blooms to bloom when they seem to be gone, here’s expert advice.

Typically, Christmas cactus, also known as Thanksgiving cactus or holiday cactus, blooms from November to January, but if you know how to grow a Christmas cactus, you’ll also know that whether it blooms again depends on proper room temperature and light levels. Can you “force” a plant to bloom again?

Below we’ve compiled our top tips for watering, lighting, and optimal temperatures so you can enjoy Christmas cactus blooms again.

How to Make a Christmas Cactus Bloom

Proper lighting conditions – a week with short days and long nights. In a typical northern hemisphere winter, there are about 8 hours of daylight and 16 hours of darkness. Put it on a windowsill in a room that’s rarely used, because even artificial light can mess it up.

Proper room temperature – Christmas cactus like cool temperatures, no higher than 18°C.

Bloom & Wild plant expert Keira Kay explains how to get a Christmas cactus to bloom: “For a second bloom, you need to reduce the amount of light it receives each day and make sure it’s kept in the dark for 12-14 hours.” In a cool room at –12 °C.

Rachel Martin of Patch Plants adds: “Christmas cacti like cooler temperatures and bloom more when the temperature drops below around 20°C (68°F). So keep them away from radiators.”

Correct Watering Rates – “You also need to water less and be careful to only water the top inches and only water again when it feels dry to the touch. This change in conditions forces the plants into a dormant period -” This is essential for the growth of new flowers in spring. ”

The Right Way to Fertilize – It’s important to know when to fertilize your Christmas cactus: The quick answer is to fertilize during the spring to fall growing season.

If you’ve done all this, your Christmas cactus should be blooming again.



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