If you try smudging, here’s the effect on you and your home

If you’ve never heard of smudging before, let us give you a quick rundown. Burning sage (also called smudging) is an ancient ritual established in Native American culture, particularly in the Lakota, Chumash, and Cahuilla people.
Smudging involves collecting a selection of herbs into a bundle, then lighting the smudge stick and moving it around your home. The smudge stick is often made up predominantly of sage, but can also contain other herbs like lavender or palo santo.
The smoke released from your smudge stick is believed to have cleansing and purifying impacts on your energy and your space. Keep reading and learn about the effects of smudging on you and your home:
1. Helps improve mood

Electronic gadgets release positive ions into our homes, which can leave us feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. Burning smudge sticks is thought to release negative ions, which are shown to have a mood-boosting effect on the mind. Negatively charged air has a positive impact on serotonin levels, helping with mental health issues like depression and seasonal affective disorder.
2. Removes impurities

Negative ions are also able to remove impurities like germs and pollen from the air, creating a more breathable atmosphere.
3. Removes bacteria

The Journal of Ethnopharmacology also confirms that smudge sticks help remove harmful bacteria from the air, with benefits for the pulmonary system, the brain, and even the skin.
4. Help lower blood pressure
The calming ritual of smudging is also thought to help lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and even fight free radicals in the blood. This process can also help with sleep regulation.
5. Reduce stress levels

Places with high negative ion concentrates are typically outdoor areas surrounded by nature. Thus, by introducing negative ions to your home, you can create a space that has similarly calming energy, helping reduce stress levels.
6. Makes your home smell nice

Another benefit of smudging is the pleasant scent it releases into your home. Our sense of smell is highly emotive, and the aroma of smudge sticks can help induce feelings of happiness and calm.
7. Remove negative energy

Smudging is also a great way to remove old (and potentially negative) energy from objects and spaces. Older buildings or antiques are likely to have been exposed to negative energy over the years, and moving the smudge smoke over this energy can help to remove it.

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