Delicious Ways To Use Stinging Nettles

Delicious ways to drink and eat stinging nettle
We don’t always choose a wild plant for the health benefits alone. Not at all. It must taste good too. Even better if it tastes amazing. Some of the best “wild” dishes contain nettle.

Once you learn how to locate and harvest it, your next camping trip will be that much richer. You can really impress your family and friends by fostering your foraging habit and learning how to forage for 24 more edible wild plants to harvest in early spring.

One can consider nettle as a pure survival food, others regard it as wild, nutrient-dense primal food that has limitless capabilities. How you choose to view it, and eat it, is your choice alone.

Gather some fresh nettle and let’s get cooking!

1. Nettle as a spinach substitute

If you planted spinach seeds and somehow they never emerged, never fear, nettle is somewhere near.

You can replace spinach with nettles in all of your favorite recipes. Yet, I hear you questioning the flavor. Yes, it is slightly different, after all it is a wild green. Would I choose it over spinach? Yes. Every single day.

Nettles are your daily dose of vitamins that can be harvested for free. Sauté them in homemade butter, fry them with bacon bits, steam them and serve with mashed potatoes, or toss them in a quiche. Anything goes.

You might like to try out this nettle leaf and cheddar tart {gluten-free} while you are at it.

2. Stinging nettle pesto

Just as you can make a mouthwatering pesto out of basil or wild garlic, so it can be done with stinging nettles too.

To make a nettle pesto you need to harvest a bunch (fill a basket or plastic bag), and blanch them first in a large pot of boiling water to take away the sting. In the end, you will need about 1/2 to 2/3 cup blanched, chopped nettles. Along with this you will need fresh garlic, pine nuts, salt, olive oil and grated cheese.

Start with this nettle pesto, then make your own modifications. Best is when you use the youngest nettle tops you can find.



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