Avoid Dumping Oil In The Drain, There’s A Fun Method To Dispose Of It

slice potatoes cook in deep fryer

It’s true that deep frying can produce deliciously crispy food, but disposing of the leftover cooking oil can be an environmental challenge. Pouring oil down the drain is a bad idea as it can contribute to fatbergs in sewers, causing significant issues for the entire community.

Storing hardened oil in bottles and jars and sending them to landfill is not an ideal solution either, as the oil can persist in the environment for a long time without proper access to microbial breakdown.

One promising solution to this problem is using “oil solidifiers.” These products emulsify the excess oil, causing it to harden into solid fat pancakes as it cools down. These solidified oil discs can then be safely thrown away in the regular trash, where they will eventually reach landfills and be accessible to microbes for decomposition.

For smaller amounts of solidified oil, it can be added to your compost heap along with other kitchen waste. If you have a larger volume of solidified oil, you may consider contributing it to facilities that work with larger amounts of used cooking oil, which can be refined for biodiesel production.

Additionally, the solidified oil can be used creatively. Some ideas include refining it for biodiesel, using it to make candles (although the fragrance might be interesting), or even transforming it into soap. This way, the oil that was once considered waste can be repurposed into useful products.

By adopting these practices, deep frying enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite crispy treats while also being mindful of the environmental impact of disposing of cooking oil responsibly.

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