Everyone has old items lying around the house that they don’t want to throw away but also don’t quite know what to do with. Bed sheets are usually some of those items that lay in the linen closet untouched and underused because they no longer serve a purpose.
We’ve taken the time to find the best ways to use those old bed sheets you just can’t seem to part with. Whether they’re vintage, a little ratty or covered in a memorable print, we have just the project for you.
1. Turn it into a duvet cover
If you have a pretty vintage sheet lying around, it’s about time you turn it into a duvet cover. As a duvet, you get to enjoy this neat pattern right when you walk into the room and not just when you’re tucked in for bed.
2. Make a spring dress
It might sound crazy, but just look at the results! We can’t get enough of this flowery dress. It looks like something off the runway!

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