The Best 8 Methods for Freezing Fresh Herbs

Freezing fresh herbs is an excellent way to preserve their flavor and aroma for later use. Here are eight methods for freezing fresh herbs:

Ice Cube Trays with Water or Oil:

Chop the fresh herbs finely and place them in ice cube trays.
Fill the trays with water or olive oil to cover the herbs.
Freeze until solid, then transfer the herb cubes to a labeled freezer bag for storage.
Blanching and Freezing:

Blanch the fresh herbs briefly in boiling water (for 5-10 seconds).
Immediately transfer them to an ice water bath to cool and preserve their color.
Pat dry and freeze the blanched herbs in freezer bags or containers.
Herb Pesto Ice Cubes:

    Make a herb pesto by blending the herbs with garlic, nuts, cheese, and olive oil.
Spoon the pesto into ice cube trays and freeze.
Once frozen, transfer the cubes to a freezer bag or container.
Herb Butter:



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