If you eat blueberries everyday, this is what happens to your body

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Improving one’s diet may sound like a chore, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Sometimes simply adding some key foods can make all the difference. Take blueberries, for instance. You can add them to salads, breakfast, dessert, or even eat as a snack.
Rich in nutrients and low in calories, blueberries are the key berry experts say to eat daily in your diet if you can. The benefits are significant and compound over time. Here’s some of the reasons why you’ll want to pick up some blueberries the next time you are at the store:
1. Can improve heart health
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According to a 2019 study, eating 150 grams of blueberries reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 15 percent. It’s particularly effective among groups already at risk.
2. Rich in antioxidants
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Blueberries have one of the highest antioxidant levels of all vegetables and fruits. Antioxidants are molecules that help stop oxidation, a process that produces free radicals that could damage cells. Free radicals are unstable and play a role in both aging and even cancer.
3. Reduce cholesterol levels
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Cholesterol is a waxy substance that builds up and can clog up your arteries. LDL cholesterol is known as the “bad” cholesterol. It gets worse when LDL cholesterol is oxidized. The antioxidants in blueberries help reduce oxidized LDL levels.

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