All of this may be building up inside your dryer. Here’s how to properly clean your dryer

You might not think too much about cleaning your dryer. After all, the only thing it does is dry clothes that are already clean. But the inside of your dryer can get pretty dirty, especially if you don’t clean the lint out of it on a regular basis.
Keeping your dryer clean doesn’t actually take too much work. As long as you have the tools to remove the lint stuck in the vent and you have a few old towels on hand, you can quickly clean it up without wasting too much of your day.
1. Lint Lizard
Lint buildup in your dryer is not only a nuisance but also a fire hazard. Too much lint plus heat from your dryer is not a combination you want to mess with. You can save your dryer from its inevitable overheating with a product like the Lint Lizard. Just attach it to your vacuum’s hose and work it into the dryer vent. It will easily suck out the lint that your hose isn’t long enough to reach.

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