One Dragonfly Can Eat 100s Of Mosquitoes A Day: Keep These Plants In Your Yard To Attract Dragonflies

It’s the season for summer barbecues, outdoor family time and wild mosquitos – and not just the children. Learn how to use a natural insecticide to keep bugs out of your yard, as well as how to make your yard more attractive to dragonflies, which eat a lot of mosquitoes.

Dragonflies and Mosquitoes

Dragonflies are efficient natural bug exterminators. They can be found buzzing around wet areas with luscious flowers and plenty of other insects. Dragonflies eat up to 15% of their bodyweight in a day by eating just mosquitoes, horseflies, termites, blackflies, and midges.

Christine Cook, an expert landscaper, says that because dragonflies are at the top of insect food chain, they keep an insect population in check. To attract dragonflies to your yard you will need to have appropriate plants!

3 Plants You Can Keep to Attract Dragonflies (And Reduce Mosquitoes!)


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