Climbing Vegetables That Are Perfect for Compact Gardens

The best trellis vegetable plants for your garden
If you’d like to grow your own vegetables but have limited space, why not try growing your vegetables vertically?

Climbing vegetable plants are great for growing on trellises, arbors, pergolas and fences.

Here are 10 easy to grow climbing vegetables to maximize your garden space.

1. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are one of the easiest vegetables for beginner gardeners to grow and they look great growing up a trellis or wire frame.

There are many different varieties to choose from including small cherry and grape tomatoes to large beefsteak tomatoes.

The large varieties will need sturdy support because the plants will become heavy when they’re laden with fruit.

2. Cucumber
Cucumbers are popular climbing vegetables that are ideal for a vertical garden.

Growing cucumbers on a trellis makes them easier to harvest and they’re less likely to be affected by pests and diseases.

It’s a good idea to harvest cucumbers regularly to avoid the plant becoming too heavy.

If there are too many fruits left on the vine, the plant will stop fruiting.



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