17 of the Best Cherry Tomatoes to Plant in Your Garden

Ripe cherry tomatoes look like tiny jewels in the garden, and they make the perfect summertime snack. Perfect served raw in salads, roasted with veggies, or baked onto homemade pizza, there’s no wrong way to eat a cherry tomato.

Just as there is a lot of variety in slicing tomatoes and canning tomatoes, cherry tomatoes come in many different colors, shapes, and flavors too. From black cherry tomatoes to yellow cherry tomatoes that are the same golden color as the summer sun, you’ll find some of the most popular and tasty cherry tomatoes right here!

1. Cherry Bomb
‘Cherry Bomb’ is a pint-sized tomato that just won’t quit. A prolific grower, ‘Cherry Bomb’ is notable for its bright crimson skin, meaty texture, and perfectly balanced, sweet, and tangy flavor. An indeterminate grower, this plant can produce fruit throughout the season, providing you with plenty of delicious cherry tomatoes for snacking right through the end of summer.

‘Cherry Bomb’ is a hybrid-type tomato that was specially developed for its resistance to late blight. While it’s not great for seed saving, this plant is a top choice among market growers due to its uniquely formed fruit. ‘Cherry Bomb’ tomatoes are slightly heart-shaped, which makes them stand out among other cherry tomatoes.


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