Your Guide to Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Onions

Onions are a must-grow vegetable. Why? Well, where to begin! To start out with this incredible ingredient that is so easy and reliable when you need it most (and who doesn’t?).

One thing about onions is that there’s just something deeply satisfying in harvesting even small area for yourself – like they’re telling every plant grower “you too can become your own farmer!” even if you have the smallest area, you can easily grow and harvest your own onions!

Getting Started with Onions
The bulb onions are a great option for those looking to cook with an onion, but don’t want the strong taste.

Bulb varieties also come in traditional yellow and red colors as well as white ones that often times have milder flavors.

Onions love a sunny and open site in well-drained soil enriched with organic matter or manure. If you have heavy clay, don’t grow them on the same ground because they will compete for nutrients – instead use raised beds!

Growing Onions from Seed Indoors
The early start of onion seeds means that you can sow them in plug trays or pots to transplant later, which saves time and money. It also protects them from freezing while they’re inside!

Fill plug trays with seed-starting or general purpose potting mix, pressing it down firmly into the cells. Sow a pinch of four to eight seeds per cell and cover them over an inch deep (1cm) of potting mix. Spray water lightly onto all surfaces before placing in parched soil for maximum benefit!



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