Grab some utensils & copy these brilliant ideas


Whether they were a wedding gift or passed down to you from a family member, you may have fancy silverware tucked away somewhere in your home. If lavish dinner parties aren’t your thing but you still want to make the most of these pretty pieces, then check out these DIY projects for some inspiration.
Love these projects but don’t own any old silverware? Simply check out a thrift store to see if you can snag a set at a bargain price. No matter what the source, these underused pieces will yield some stunning upcycled crafts in no time. After all, silverware is too beautiful to go unused.
Some silverware is just too pretty to be used for eating. With ornate decoration and a gorgeous gold color, this fork works incredibly as a piece of jewelry. Pro tip: Check the sizing of the bracelet periodically as you hammer the fork into shape.
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