Don’t toss out the old cement block. Here are 10 fantastic ways to use them in your garden


Cement blocks are often underrated. These heavy, bland pieces of concrete can be a bit cumbersome to lug around, so people tend to overlook them or purposely skip over them in favor of items that are a little easier to use. After you check out how the blocks can be used in a garden, you might rethink their utility.
Cement blocks are readily available at most home improvement stores for about $1 apiece, making this versatile material affordable as well.
1. Raised garden beds
One of the most popular uses for cinder blocks in the garden is to create a raised garden bed. Dozens of cool designs exist for this use (explore options at Off Grid World), and because cinder blocks are sturdy, they’ll likely last several years. When cinder blocks break down (and they will over time), they canleach lime into the soil. To avoid this, line the inside of the garden bed with plastic.
2. Planters
Instead of building an entire garden, use the individual blocks as flower planters. You can place them sideways on the ground or build them into a small wall with Liquid Nails. Try painting the blocks different colors for a fun look or leave them natural.


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