You’ll never throw away banana peels after reading this article

There are many benefits to using banana peels in your garden, and our list will show some of the best ways you can use them so that you can enjoy a healthy and fruitful garden.

1.As a Spray-On Fertilizer

You can grow plants without using chemical fertilizers. You just need to bury a banana peel in the soil near the plant and it will decompose into an organic fertilizer that’s perfect for growth.

2. Brew a Compost Tea

Compost is important for healthy plant growth, but you don’t need to have a compost pile. Put your banana peels in a glass of water on the counter and wait three days before watering your plants with it. The water will be rich in nutrients and minerals that promote the growth of vegetables and flowers alike.

3. Encourage Blooming in Plants

Without potassium, plants would not grow — not just because of their lack of nutrient absorption and water in the soil but also because without enough resistance against diseases it is detrimental for any plant’s health.

4. Fortify Your Soil

Planting banana peels in your garden can improve the health of soil, containing more nutrients such as iron, calcium and potassium when compared to regular soil.

5. Make a Fruit Fly Trap

This is a natural way to get rid of fruit flies. One needs to cut off some banana peels, combine them with apple cider vinegar and leave it in the garden. When the flies come in contact with the mixture, they will die.

6. Aphid Control

Gardeners, it’s time to up your game! One new technique is to use banana peels around plants that are infested by insects. Experts believe that this is because aphids fear bananas and will flee from the plant when they smell them.

7. Add to Compost

Banana peels make for perfect compost. They help to break down into a rich fertilizer. One must be careful not to let animals like raccoons and skunks get their hands on the sweet banana before it can be chopped up because they will eat it. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium that is needed by plants.

Banana peel use can include mixing your compost pile to make sure it decomposes properly. It can also be used as a mulch on plants if they’re planted in pots.

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