7 Secrets for Your Best Strawberry Harvest Every Year

Here’s seven tricks to yield endless strawberries this summer.

Is there a more wonderful summertime treat than eating a homegrown strawberry?

It’s an experience for all of our senses. You search for that perfect berry – bright, red, shining like a jewel. You hear the satisfying snap as you pull the strawberry from the vine that lets you know you’ve picked the berry at its peak. Already you can smell the sweetness from the little sun-warmed berry in your hand. And finally, you pop the ruby prize into your mouth, biting down and savoring the candy-like juices of the berry.

You can’t help yourself, so you close your eyes and let out an audible, “Mmmm!”

The only thing better than eating a strawberry in June is eating lots of strawberries in June.

I’ve got seven secrets to help you get the most berries from your strawberry plants, year after year.

Follow these tips, and hopefully, you’ll be enjoying strawberry shortcake and making strawberry jam this summer.

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