How to Grow Cilantro Indoors for Fresh Herbs Year Round

Do you want to grow greens at home, but don’t want to get messy? In this case, here’s an idea. This method is simple, clean, and effective.

So, to germinate cilantro, you need to buy good coriander seeds. For better germination you need to split the seeds in half. Only in half, no more. Don’t grind seeds into dust like a spice.

Now prepare some kind of container where the colander will fit. Fill with clean filtered water. Hard tap water is not suitable. For better germination and seed assistance, you can add half a teaspoon of any mineral fertilizer.

Place the colander on top so that the bottom touches the water slightly. Sprinkle only 1/3 of all the chopped seeds immediately, and then add the rest every 5-7 days. This will prolong the growth of the greenery, and you will have a large harvest for a long time because the seeds sprinkled later will yield a harvest after those that germinated first.

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